Strengthen wealth help tower business natural crystal 4-5cm energy Orgone pyramid decoration craft resin gift

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Gender: Unisex
Main stone: crystal
Metal Type: Copper
Style: Vintage
Stone: Other materials
Natrual occasion: gift
Jewelry function: change the magnetic field
Material: resin, energy patch, crystal, natural ore, copper, gold foil
Tip: due to hand-made, there will be a 2-5mm error

Size: 4cm side length/cm side length

1 Purify the living environment

Orgonite eliminates negative energy (unfavorable magnetic fields) in the environment. Orgonite can reduce electromagnetic radiation.

2 purification of the human body's energy field

Aogan can be placed in the bedroom to improve certain (non-pathological) sleep problems, relieve emotional stress and balance.

3 objects

It can also be placed under the seat, the dashboard and the sound below.

You can place orgonite under the car seat, on or near the dashboard, and the electromagnetic field is usually the largest place to build a vehicle.

Package Content:

Pyramid decoration*1

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